BLUEDOG is the side project of Kickhunter - guitarist and songwriter Stefan Aurel. Though you´ll be mistaken to expect any hard rock sounds. BLUEDOG reveals a completely different site of Stefan. Inspired by west coast – and country rock you will be pleased to find great harmonies: created by Hammond organ – 12 string guitar – piano - harp and twin lead– sounds.

With the help of his friends over 30 songs were recorded through out the past years.
Including Pascal Kravetz (vocals, hammond and piano) – known for his longstanding work with Robert Palmer, Jimmy Barnes, Bruce Springsteen, Udo Lindenberg and Peter Maffay; Slizzy Bob (vocals, guitar) – solo artist and member oft he Hobnail Boots; Session drummer Rene Robran and bassplayer Claus Umland.

An exclusive selection of them can be found on "Son Of A Beach".

Among others, well-known German actors and musicians Fabian Harloff (vocals) and Patrick Bach (harp), Ex-Bad Company lead singer Robert Hall (vocals) and successful producer Lukas Hilbert (bass), contributed a great deal to the production.

Most of the tracks are BLUEDOG originals, except „Pacific Ocean Blues“ which is written by Dennis Wilson (Drummer of The Beach Boys), up to this day he is still an underrated singer and songwriter. The Rolling Stones cover „You Can´t Always Get What You What“ was released a few years ago on Poldor and a big hit in the eastern states of Europe.

BLUEDOG will let you enjoy big ballads, cool rock and chilled beach sounds. No samples! Only passionate tunes!

The well-known team created the newly released album "HOME".